Werkzwo Studie PX

Urban Planning, Hamburg Harburg, 2005

Due to the removal of the terrain's coring, a public passage for movement in northern and southern direction is formed, bearing two triangle-shaped areas. This promenade constitutes the area's communicative and social 'artery'. It is designed as a space for communication and experience, according to the urban cityscape. With geometric diversity, the narrowness, the place's expansion and density, an attractive urban space can be created. All attached groups of buildings are opened by this 'principal ray'.

The three main components of the intervention shape beginning and ending of the public promenade as well as constituting the square’s centre. The components are designed to be a functional support to this public outdoor space, giving it a spatial structure. They form an entity with each of the existing buildings, which are individually either overlapped or integrated.

The distinct components are designed in refinement of the already existing objects and bear special features or sites of a particular spatial or social quality. The visitor can perceive the spatial overall connection.

Contrary to the past years’ strong impact of theme worlds, a particular UTILIZATION MIX is considered an important distinguishing feature. An orientation of the area towards amonoculturalthemeand the greater risks involved are thereby avoided. The area should be defined neatly and yet be presented as a complex and multifunctional entity. A potential brand name is to be a platform for different functions and subjects, referring to the place’s particular history and typology. The term < WERK >, though already partly used in some combinations of words, is yet most appropriate, due to its conciseness and the historical allusions it makes to the area. WERKZWO implies a new beginning and the functional rebirth of the terrain.