Villa Vail

USA, 1999


Our design represents an architectural transcription of the intrinsic values of this natural and striking setting. The site lies on a mountain top where it prominently overlooks the town of Vail. Rather than impose a pretentious trophy home on this sensitive location, we designed a natural architecture of simple lines, local colors and natural materials. The result is a house in which „style“ goes away and the quiet exploration of a space for dwelling has room to breathe.

We carried this idea of vanishing style to its logical limit. Seen from below, not only does the house not jump out of the land, it merely casts a shadow on the hill. The shadow is the dwelling place.

To create this „shadow dwelling,“ the design calls for building parallel to the height lines of the topography. In addition, we used reinforced concrete enriched with local gravel and sand to ensure a blending with the environment. The façade is glass that creates no mirroring effect. Finally, the landscaping blends in with the existing natural landscape, leaving little evidence of human impact other than two small terraces.