Überseequartier Hafencity

In realization - Hamburg, 2015

CARSTEN ROTH ARCHITEKT took over the planning of construction site A in the southern Überseequartier, the Elevendecks. With a total area of 209,500 m², the Überseequartier is the largest inner-city project in Europe. Around 90,000 m² of retail and leisure space, 50,000 m² of offices and 30,000 m² for 3 hotels will be created. The construction already began as early as the spring of 2018 with around 310 apartments on approx.31,500 sqm of gross floor area.

The facade structure of the Elevendecks offers good visibility for all apartments and ensures optimal noise protection. A block with five residential floors closes the square within the U-shaped building to the south. In this way, adequate privacy is created in the open quarter, especially through the green roof landscapes with partly private roof terraces, loggias and balconies.

Today, the oversized excavation pit for the entire quarter is opening up at this point, separated by the “Überseequartier” underground station, which is already in use, and around 300,000 cubic meters of earth are initially moved.
The structural work of our construction site A rises already a couple of floors in the sky.

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