Strandkai Quartier

Urban Planning – Hafencity Hamburg, Germany 2013


The special quality of the property, the attractive view of the Elbe in the south and the city skyline to the north, is reacted with a generous open panoramic facade into an architectural theme. Both in the south and in the north facade of the residential tower is opened and enlivened by sheltered loggias.



The ground floor is the publicly accessible podium zone of the building, enlivened by commercial spaces and gastronomy. The house’s lobby is located on the ground floor’s east side, where a concierge can find accommodation if needed. Next to the lobby, a room for keeping prams or the like is provided. Two elevators and a stairwell of a spacious area offer finest, attractive accession to the apartments. The apartments’ entrances can be particularly highlighted by variation of material in the door area and by adding lighting items. The underground parking unit is linked to the lobby via the elevators and the main staircase.

Bicycle stands are stationed in the basement’s centre, so that they can be reached both via the underground parking entrance and the elevators. The tenants’ cellars are located on the first basement floor. The apartments’ partition walls consist of ferro-concrete and brickwork, ensuring sound isolation as well as providing the possibility to open walls between the apartments. The kitchens are placed straight at the outer sides. All kitchens have an extractor hood that is carried on via the roof. The kitchens can be disconnected from the living area. Both on the south side and the north side loggias are provided all over the building’s amplitude. Seating areas, sheltered from the wind, can additionally be protected by sliding panes. All loggias are for constructional reasons arranged one above another. The apartments are aligned to the Elbe and the city. The concentric arrangement of stairwell core and elevators allows an optimal exploitation of the given space, forming ideal incisions for the apartments. The bathrooms are situated one above the other throughout the floors, being installed via a false ceiling in the corridor area. The constellation of the apartments can also be modificated at any time of planning. Even after completion partition walls can be opened.