New build corporate head office for Norddeutsche Vermögen - Hamburg, 2005

„The new head office for Norddeutsche Vermögen had to mediate between the neighboring buildings of different heights and heterogeneous design styles. This was achieved by staggering the building mass in terms of height and by giving it an original sculptural form and facade.

Stepped-back and projecting sections, the configuration of the upper stories and quotes from the horizontal and vertical lines integrate the new structure into its surroundings. Despite its clearly modern design, due to its complex sculptural quality, the facade is reminiscent of turn-of-the-century facades and thus refers to neighboring buildings. The lobby forms the link between exterior and interior as it opens wide to the street and is visually linked to the second floor by its void. This makes the vertically of the building perceivable inside as well. Walking through the spacious interiors, one experiences constantly changing spatial situations.”

Reprinted with friendly permission from
Hatje Canz Publishing House
published in “DAM Frankfurt, aktuelle deutsche Exportarchitektur”, Issue 2008