Headquarter & office buildings Gasstrasse

Competition - 1st Prize, Hamburg, 2021

Low-tech, atmospheric, young, fresh and agile - the new company headquarters of the fischerAppelt Group (fA) wants to create a fundamentally new understanding of urban life, the world of work and mobility between the two worlds at the Hamburg location: a prototype for future generations with a fundamentally different one Understanding of living and working worlds than before. In this sense, the fA headquarters will also be the driving force and clock generator for the other two smaller working environments on the property along Gasstrasse.

The fA headquarters is the alternative to conventional office buildings:
• Restrained, yet concise, coexistence in the city is promoted by the interweaving of the building envelope and the social spaces in between,
• Different levels of open space offer an easy transition from inside to outside and vice versa,
• Semi-public promenades and courtyards invite you to linger and work outdoors at the same time,
• Densely overgrown roof gardens and walkable climbing racks dissolve the classic boundaries between inside and outside.

The fA structure can not only be experienced on all standard floors as a wooden structure - here with its columns and ceiling beams - but also creates a perfect, independent addition to the commercial district in the former gasworks: a wooden structure also in its external appearance, approachable and unmistakable as a link between the Brick buildings on one side and the railroad tracks on the other. At the same time, a memorable transition from this quarter to the neighboring quarter of the Kolbenhöfe is created.
The location on the embankment in the south is seen as an opportunity. No sealing off and locking, but on the contrary: here the quarter becomes lively and urban. The building sections, the courtyards down to the commercial areas on the ground floor, the recreation areas on both sides of the cycle path, the passing trains with moderate frequency and emissions, everything together is lively city life, not defended, but loved.

The granularity of the 250-meter-long plot of land is crucial for the comfortable coexistence in the quarter: the three buildings are broken up into six street-parallel gable surfaces that float over a semi-public base with its independent commercial units. A head building with the main entrance for fA is the prelude to the building complex and finely tuned focus of Daimlerstrasse with a high recognition value. In the indented sections of the building, accessible climbing shelves made of square timber filter the light and the transition between inside and outside.

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