Normannenweg Office Building

Competition- 2nd Prize, Hamburg, 2020

Urban planning:

The planning area is located in an urban conversion area that will continue to develop in the next few years from a highly fragmented, commercial cityscape to a closed urban structure. The existing buildings directly surrounding the property in this conversion process will be withdrawn in the future, which is why the planned office building with a continuous 7-storey structure forms a solid basis for a homogeneous cityscape. Facing Eiffestrasse, the building has a incisive face that is highly recognizable. The opening to this is the closed facade side on the northwest corner, which attracts a lot of attention to both the railway and Ankelmannplatz.


The facades are planned as a terracotta-colored facing masonry. A mixture of salt and clay fire clinkers as well as natural stones is used to generate a lively, rough-looking surface, which contains a reference to the working and commercial location “Unten Borgfelde”.
In the area of the inner courtyards plant tubs made of prefabricated concrete parts are planned colored according to the brick facades. Closed metal panels complement the facade. As a contrast to the warm stone facades, window elements are made of gold-olive-painted aluminum profiles.