Museum of Fine Arts

Competition – Ahrenshoop, 2008


A museum building should not compete with the art. Moderation, flexibility, clarity. We almost had it ready – a plain, aesthetic museum structure for Ahrenshop – when, amidst, the desire of creating something rather memorable rose – a building beyond pure functionality or rationality – a building of a substantial formal autonomy, yet bearing reference to the direct context – of a strong identity.



The dominating element, in both construction and scenery, the deeply lowered thatched roofs, are transformed and abstracted into a supporting structure which generates space. The roofs' silhouette is converted into panes inclined to one another. The resulting folding structure serves supportingly, at the same time generating intriguing rooms of differing geometries that, due to the panes' alternating inclination, act as familiar, introverted (sheltered) as well as extroverted (opened) rooms. Through the threads' cross-linking, a vivid linear and yet centralized structure is created. The result is a three-dimensional room for experience, being very autonomous and unique in its typology. The elements of the whole are remodelled into expanded quality items. (Architectural competition 2008)