Competition 2. Prize - Hafencity Hamburg, 2015



The plot is located on Baakenhafen Avenue and is characterized by a Z-shaped structure, which repeatedly follows another in the street space. The building is divided into two houses that accommodate the tenants of FLUWOG and ALTOBA. This programmatic division influences design and develops a building volume, divided on one hand by the materiality and total volume but on the other hand by stylistic elements and the connected façade. This creates a compact ensemble that manages to unite two identities under one roof.



Each of the two parts of the building will be developed separately. Here, the main entrances are on the west side and therefore face the semi-public space.

The two underground levels of the car park are reached via the driveway on the eastern property line. Directly from Warftebene, pedestrians and cyclists arrive at the underground car park, reaching the building through this short path without ramps.



The structure of the facades in two alternating sections leads to individual dwellings that are well addressed to their inhabitants. Here, balconies formally integrated in the façade support this intention and provide adequate privacy. Each apartment will have its own readable identity within the entire building structure. The sand-colored klinker brick shines in combination with reddish wooden panels.

The alternating-ceiling windows and bands produce different qualities of space, providing residents with spacious views without feeling they are on display. The strip windows get, where deemed necessary due to the noise situation, an internal second window. Thus, a window cavity is formed, ensuring natural ventilation and higher noise reduction.