Urban Planning, Hafencity Hamburg, Germany, 2011


The main idea is to relocate Kirchenpauerstrasse, settling it at the southern edge of the "Ellenbogen" (Baakenhalbinsel) and converting it into an urban promenade. This way, a broad sandy beach is formed between the Elbe and the residential district. The southern quarter's geographical and typological centre is outlined by a square that has school and market hall attached to it. A mercantile pedestrian bridge leads to the leisure island off the cost and provides as well a central connection of the northern planning side to the plaza and the promenade. The new district consists of a penetrable block structure with walkable cross connections and attractions to be found in the block's core. Every single building's alignment to the north takes up the given structure of the surroundings and permits the sunlight to deeply penetrate through the buildings. A pearl chain of piled townhouses along the promenade gives those whereabouts an urban character. All building structures have impressive façades. A south-oriented dune landscape flows via the partly elevated ground floor section through the whole district, offering the perception of nature to pedestrians who walk through an experience of various sequences.



Direct view of the waterfront for all residential entities without mutual crossview. A citywide unique open area from promenade to dune, close to both housing and working ambiance, offering the possibility to experience nature and being a green compensation area / park landscape designed as a flowing green zone: connected entities and vast green areas of a clear atmosphere are formed in the open space / sound isolation by isolating Versmannstrasse with noise compatible installations / location of the hotel at the high point of construction area 80 / direct connection to leisure installations of the attached building / The ensemble perfectly picks up Baakenhafen's townscape and, concurrently, harmoniously combines the present master plan's block structure with a view of the water in northern and southern direction / A permeable district lacking closed building structures with matched façades / A district square carrying an open market hall forms the central point becoming a new urban nucleus: this remarkable sphere scores synergy effects for all buildings.