Audi Neuburg

Driving Experience Center, Germany, 2011


The unique architecture of the Motorsport event centre unites nature, industrial buildings and event buildings, intensifying the effect of the surrounding landscape. The balance is based on the formula "the more technical exploitation, the more natural compensation". It creates an exclusive compression of constructional and scenic elements. This includes acoustic isolation and aperture of the terrain. Buildings and ramparts form a big, structuring clamp, thus a frame for the entire area. The North's building, designed to enthusiasm clients, opens up the rampart, which lowers to the northeast, rising again in the east, encircling the driving terrain – joining the Motorsport centre – via south and west: Structure and acoustic protection in the landscapes amplitude. The building draft is dominated by elegance and, above all, "speed" in the appearance of all components. Self-evident simplicity, without modish adjuncts, aim a long-lasting design, linking this industrial construction inseparably to the autonomous AUDI motorsport section. Mechanical workshops and the construction sector are highlighted by their architecture, giving the motorsport centre an exclusive face. The thrilling Welcome Building grows on the inside and the outside, forming a showy terrace under an audacious rooftop.

The area opens to the north, already distinguishable from the main road’s junction, presenting the visitor a semi-circular object – the steep curve – as an emblem and prelude. Via an alley, the visitor advances towards the forecourt, arriving at a bridge on the left sidethat leads the visitor on. Here, the Welcome Building opens up,showing its glazed ground floor, its fleet and its workshops. A vast staircase and ramp lead to the first floor level, providing a view of the broad area and the Motorsport centre. On the right side of the Motorsport centre’s front part, the customer sport is located; the Welcome Building’s lobby with its spacious terraces is accessible via the left. In the Motorsport centre’s north lies the operation centre. Transportation for visitors, staff and suppliers is run separately, the forecourt remains reserved for visitors only.  (Designstudy 2011)