Atelier Hansenhaus

Newly built gallery - Hamburg, 1996

The property was a vacant lot located in a backyard between a variety of different commercial buildings.There is an endpoint of both internal access roads.

The two-storey building  fills this gap, the formerly closed courtyard situation restores and forms the urban connection of the semi-public access roads. The design provides  an integration of the equally high neighboring buildings without intervening directly in their design from the bleak postwar years.
Adjacent garden, fire, and facade walls create a unit that integrates with the courtyard facade of the new buildings’ steel construction: the front walls of the left neighbor and an external staircase accompanied by filigree trellis steel frames and a steel and glass facade infront of the new building. This extends over a portion of the adjacent wall to the right and there ends in porches.
The studio is located upstairs above a parking pallet. The concrete in the interior combines elegance with the steel and glass construction of the facade and the roof with skylight.