Railway Mission - Central Station Hamburg

Facade planning in realization, Hamburg 2022

An urgently needed new building for the Hamburg railway station mission is currently being built for Deutsche Bahn at Hamburg Central Station in order to be able to support people in need even better. Above all, new lounges and a hygiene center that is unique in Germany will be realized on the approx. 400 square meter area.

CARSTEN ROTH ARCHITEKT developed the design as a facade planning for this and appreciates the concise location between the Glockengiesserwall and the parking lot on Ernst-Merck-Strasse in the immediate vicinity of the main train station and art gallery. The facade material and color refers to the historical surroundings and at the same time fulfills the recognition of the well-known colors of the station mission. A bluish, polyspectral metal dress is complemented by movable expanded metal elements, which allow the interior to be experienced openly where desired or protectively where needed.

Along the street-side main façade, a special design element in the form of a sloping mirrored ceiling opens up views of the station mission, creating additional transparency and an inviting gesture. The new station mission is to become a place for people seeking help, which through its design reduces fear of the unknown and welcomes everyone. Large illuminated letters behind the upper part of the facade ensure a strong external effect, especially in the dark.

The opening is planned for the end of 2022. You can get insights into the work of the railway station mission and support options such as donations here: