Optimal Media printing plant

New Printing Plant - Röbel/Müritz, Germany, 1998

The existing, 24-hour-operating CD factory was to be extended without interrupting production, in the shortest time on a limited budget. Coupled to the CD pressing plant, the new building is a functionally and spatially complex ensemble, as expressed in its facades.  

The extension comprises layouting, printing works, cantine, packing and dispatch, staff rooms and additional office space;
a unifying architecture gives the existing disorder a reasonable basis for further expansion. Predominant is the thin aluminium outer skin which, wilst requiring special solutions for outward opening doors, disposal of rainwater and external corner claddings, lends the building a sculptural effect of light and shade. 

Reprinted with friendly permission from 
Klaus Dieter Weiss and Konradin Medien GmbH
„Druckerei in Roebel”, published in „db” Nr. 10/1999