Fischerappelt TV Media

Office Expansion - Stuttgart, 2009

This meant, as the experience in the construction and expansion of facilities of fischerAppelt in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Berlin showed, it should minimize structural requirements of the stock building. Ideally, only a building shell or an old historic building should be found.

The building of the former Labour Office on the Neckarstr. was exactly what they had been looking for: a 107m long plan in an existing building from the 1950s with wide corridors, which offered nearly enough space for seated areas and a front building with an ‘auditorium-like’ room with about 5.8 m ceiling height.

Addressing the issue of the corridors and thematically working quickly, a media production “road” was reconstructed from the former labor office corridors. The four areas “Administration”, “Creation”, “Communication” and “Technology” of the project were lined up according to the appropriate primary function designed corridor zones. Users of the office landscape experience quiet areas and exciting zones, while traveling through heavy black corridors to reach their light offices. Customers and visitors walk from the reception area  through all these areas. At the end is the now so-called ‘Studio Gate’ light installation, a narrowing of the corridor: the two-storey studio and conference area on the front building.  As with previous projects for the fischerAppelt Communications Group building extensions the reception desk and all other furniture, like desks and tables, were tailor-made for the project.



100 meters in 9,57 seconds, the fastes way through the building complex. In a movie from FischerAppelt.