New housing/office - Hamburg, 2014

ELBDECK HAMBURG is one of the last “pearls” of the so-called pearl chain along the river Elbe. From the Elbphilharmonie up to Oevelgönne stretches the area of former harbor use.

Numerous new buildings as well as renovated historic buildings characterize this urban harbor edge today. Above all, of offices and restaurants, as well as shops have settled. Building here is expensive because the low-lying area in the flood zone of the Elbe requires extensive flow protection measures.

The ensemble ELBDECK stands on a common, about 200 m long pedestal, which serves as a flood protection polder and is extended to an underground car-park with around 280 spaces. Together with the west and east polders of the neighboring new buildings, the ELBDECK is part of the inner city dyke, which makes living and working here possible. The historic Kaispeicher D from 1930, that has been converted to an office building, is located in front of the dyke line and is connected to the safe high water level via the two pedestrian bridges (Design: Carsten Roth Architekt).

The design of the ELBDECK polder with the south-facing quayside and north to the green Elbhang facing free spaces, its oblique front sides and numerous seat steps seems like a mediterranean place.

The use of the ELBDECK is clearly visible in the design of the façades, while on the ground floor and on the first floor there are restaurant, shop and office areas, while the upper storeys offer space for 100 high-quality apartments. The three buildings – two with 6, one with 8 floors – are related and vary at the same time by repeating elements and shapes, designed similar but differently for each building. Their layout allows views from the hiking trails and greenways of the Elbhang through the Elbdeck to the Kaispeicher and the river Elbe and at the same it provides maximum privacy. The deliberately chosen bright red color of the brick creates a friendly contrast to the bright white plaster surfaces and always looks cheerful.


BDA Hamburg Architektur Preis 2016German Design Award Winner 2018Wohnbau Preis Hamburg 2017


  • BDA Hamburg Architecture Prize 2016 – 1. Prize
  • Architektur Centrum Hamburg HAC 3rd WohnbauPreis Hamburg 2017