Residence Brahmsquartier

Construction of two residential buildings in Hamburg city center - Hamburg, 2009

The ensemble provides continuity between the fragmented nature of the course and the neighboring district office building. By the arrangement of two solitary buildings, spaces and places were created. The two residential buildings are treated as objects on the triangular open space between the office building on the former extension of the area “Springer-Verlag” and the “Gängeviertel”. 

The buildings’ height mediates the small scale and the large scale. Building cubature, depths, and orientation of the building are planned so that, with regard to the urban density, there is no direct “Vis-à-Vis”, but a high level of exposure and good views for all apartments is guaranteed. Two commercial spaces on the ground floor and a lobby are provided.

Up to 4 apartments are located on each floor, in almost all stories there is the option to merge two smaller apartments together as one. The facade consists of curtain elements: transparent window elements in the chessboard-like exterior change to closed wooden surfaces and glass panels as well as bright natural stone elements. 
To a total of 6,150m² GFA, 54 apartments between 53m² and 118m² and 4 commercial units on the ground floor between 60m² and 180m² were built.