BMW Automotive Center

New building, Barsbüttel near Hamburg, 2013

This newly built structure for BMW was created with the vehicle’s it shows in mind. But how can a building portray the dynamics of a vehicle fleet? How can the sleekness of a vehicle’s silhouette be transferred to architecture? How can a car manufacturer’s brand name value be displayed in a car dealership? These are the essential questions that have been thoughtfully and decisively answered with the new Pre-owned BMW Car Center.

BMW unveiled its new showroom in Barsbüttel, a showroom like no other. A space tailored for the BMW driver. The building is an experience as dynamic and luxurious, as powerful and crafted, as the cars themselves; from the 1- Series through the 7-Series. An elegant floating facade fascinates; a drivable ramp literally beckons the visitor in. From outside to inside, the building delivers BMW’s promise of leading edge satisfaction and emotional connection. The vehicles for sale in the “Pre-owned BMW Car Center” are displayed on the approx. 130-meter long ramp. The facade wraps around the building like a “white ribbon in motion” and makes the structure appear very lightweight in the front and almost floating from the ground level to the second floor due to the sophisticated glass components. The special lighting installation creates the illusion of floating vehicles on the ramp. The sales floor of 70 x 30 m accommodates approx. 150 vehicles, and another 400 cars are displayed on the exterior lot around the building. The workshop for vehicle preparation and diagnostic testing is attached to the rear of the building with a space of approx. 65 x 30 meters.


  • HEINZE Architecture Award 2017 – Shortlist Best Non Residential Buildings 

Heinze Architekten Award Shortlist 2017