Employment Opportunities

To strengthen our team in the execution of various construction and renovation projects we are looking for short-term employees for the following positions:



You number among designers with outstanding design skills, driven by dissatisfaction with the quotidian, and are always looking for improvement. Mainstream is anathema to you. You don’t care if violating boundaries is always stressful – for you, it makes life worth living.

You have great listening skills, backed up of course by a first-class education. You also have a need to clearly organize and perfect layouts. When designing, you’re constantly guided by a vision, and as a result you always have a clear purpose in mind. You want to build. Not just build something to be filed away in a drawer – you’ve already got numerous details and materials in your mind, and need to feel the finished product.

If you’ve also got the ability to work with clarity and assertiveness on the tasks you’re given and as part of a team, then we hope we’ve struck a chord with you. Apply with us today!



You’ve successfully completed your first terms at university and now you’d like to gain hands-on experience. Apply for a minimum six-month internship beginning September October 2018.



Please note that your electronic application must contain an updated resume and examples of the latest projects in which you have participated (detailed description of position and scope of work).