Project ELBDECK HAMBURG part of new book publication

The building ensemble ELBDECK HAMBURG was chosen to show the flexibility of our building planning in the new publication “Inside Moder Workspaces” of the Deutscher Architekturverlag. The ELBDECK Hamburg, right on the banks of the river Elbe realized as a residential quarter, has already been awarded the 1st BDA Hamburg Architecture Prize 2016.

The office marks the archetypal center of cooperation and concentration. In an age dominated by digitized communication and optimized work routines, the office forms the interface not only between physical and digital processes but also between job and private life.

On the basis of different examples of contemporary office design, this volume displays the diversity of architectural solutions for exterior and interior designs. Efficient use of space, economical energy concepts and last but not least the personnel’s well-being make up the factors that construct modern work spaces and leave a lasting mark on the society.

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