New architecture book in print.

New Architecture-book publication is in print – the book for Quartier Grosse Elbstrasse Hamburg with the COLUMBIA TWINS, the ELBDECK and the Kaispeicher D will be delivered mid September 2016.

<<Neues Arbeiten und Wohnen am Hafen.
Das Quartier Große Elbstraße in Hamburg>>
Author: Claus Käpplinger

152 Pages with about 100 colorimages
Hardcover 22 x 27 cm
VK 22,90 € [D] printed in german language only
ISBN 978-3-88506-727-6

The book is presenting: Award winning architecture from CARSTEN ROTH ARCHITECT with the COLUMBIA TWINS and the ELBDECK HAMBURG.

Titel Junius Verlag Buch Carsten Roth Architekt