Corporate Architecture – BMW Automotive Centre


The BMW AUTOMOTIVE CENTRE Hamburg East in the  publication “Corporate Architecture – Identity through architecture” of the Deutsche Architektur Verlag (DAV) publishing house.

Corporate Architecture embodies the self-image of a company that creates emotional connection and creates persuasion. It complements the functional requirements of a modern company headquarters, with an identity and potential can mean a special addition to the urban overall impression of a site. The combination of high design skill and the representation of brand identity structures can be created, which have both economic and cultural value over a long period.

In this book, a look at architecturally valuable solutions is thrown, which are thought through from the outer appearance down to the smallest details, and embody the individual company profile. The focus is on projects that are primarily aimed at internal communication, through research and production facilities, to Showroom- and shop concepts. The choice of projects listed companies shows different professions and orders of magnitude and covers a wide range of contemporary corporate architecture.

Corporate Architecture
Identität durch Architektur
256 Seiten, Hardcover
22 x 28,7 cm
34,95 EUR
ISBN: 978-3-946154-00-6