3rd WohnbauPreis Hamburg 2017 for Elbdeck Hamburg

The jury for the Hamburg Architecture Center HAC
awarded the housing project ELBDECK HAMBURG the
3rd WohnbauPreis Hamburg 2017.

The jury thus honors the excellent design of the buildings, which communicate with the surroundings in a partly historical environment and offer exciting insights and perspectives. A high-quality residential ensemble was created directly on the banks of the Elbe.

The quality of living determines the identity and quality of life of a city. Growth, but also constant changes in the population structure, new demands of the city dwellers, differentiated urban planning and social requirements as well as energy requirements formulate the challenges of the current housing construction.

With the WohnbauPreis Hamburg, the Architektur Centrum pursues the goal of focusing attention on the architectural and design qualities as well as on the integrative and sustainable solutions in the current new housing construction.