CARSTEN ROTH ARCHITEKT is planning the first SOS-Kinderdorf in Hamburg’s city area

SOS-Kinderdorf “Port for Families” 


SOS-Kinderdorf view Straßburger Straße

SOS-Kinderdorf view residential Part



The SOS KINDERDORF will support children and families in the future with even more space and offers – the construction of the “Port for Families” on Straßburger Platz in Hamburg Dulsberg has been initiated.

CARSTEN ROTH ARCHITEKT is planning the new building, where from 2020 onwards both children’s village families will find a new home and the Hamburgers will find another place of encounter, education and support.
On a plot of approx. 1,000 m2, a new family center is being planned in addition to apartments for children’s Dorff families. This public area includes a family café, a children’s clothing store and several classrooms.

The apartments of the SOS Kinderdorf families will be located at the rear of the “Port for Families”. The building fits in along Straßburger Platz and Weißenburger Straße.

The building itself is divided into three parts: The three upper floors in the northern part of the building and the four upper floors opposite the church end at the height of the neighboring residential buildings. So that the landmark of the church of the Good News Dulsberg, the church tower, can function in its function as the visual axis and reference point of the Dulsberg-Residents, the connecting structure in the middle is single-storey.
The varying facade of the building scales according to its use. The façade side facing the church is covered with plants over two storeys. The façade itself is a terracotta façade made of baked clay that picks up the brick color of the nearby buildings. On the ground floor of the main entrance facing Straßburger Straße, the building offers more space for a large family café and several course rooms.