A piece of Hamburg in Berlin







The area between Berlin Central Station, Northern Harbour and Hamburger Bahnhof gets reinforcements:  Along Heidestrasse an office, residential and gallery building. The jury, chaired by Regine Leibinger awarded the following prizes:

First Price: Carsten Roth Architekt, Hamburg

Second Price: Baumschlager Eberle, Lochau / Berlin

Second Price: Sauerbruch Hutton, Berlin

Third Price: Brandlhuber +, Berlin

Carsten Roth convinced the jury with a striking and sculptural building whose outline levels are arranged mutually twisted. According to the jury the facets of the architectural sculpture follow “prosaic considerations” because the floor plan levels are based on the environment. The ground floor adopts the property form, the three office levels are determined from the buildings of the neighborhood, and the two residential floors follow the flight of the channel.
The ground floor area was rated as achieved: This is designed to be particularly generous with movable partitions and allows various uses (from Baunetz).