3rd Place at Competition Leo Leistikow-Quartier

In the housing competition for the Leo Leistikow-Quartier in Hamburg Uhlenhorst our design was awarded the 3rd place.

The task was to unite 3 blocks in one draft: sponsored Living on the Oberaltenallee, privately financed apartments in a high rise building and a block of flats in the southern part of the area, which runs adjacent the elevated railway.
Our design takes on this programmatic division and developed a building cubature, which is divided on the one hand by the materiality and the total volume, on the other hand connected by forms and facade outlines. Thus a total ensemble that manages to combine multiple identities. With the high, long-drawn-building on the corner Oberaltenallee / Leo Leistikow Allee also a gateway situation for the new quarter Finkenau is created. In the courtyard of the three sections, our design is characterized by a harmonious homogeneous design.

Congratulations to the winners. We look forward to the upcoming competitions.